Hey Roswell and Fulton Community!!! Did you know Chiropractic can help with Neck and Migraines?

Bones can shift out of alignment within our daily lives creating pressure on the nerves or tension on the muscles. That pressure or tension can create symptoms like headaches, neck pain, back pain, or even crazier symptoms like digestive issues, imbalances causing vertigo, and so much more.

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To help with those pesky symptoms, we put the spine in proper order allowing it to communicate properly. We use precise techniques that allow us to fine-tune the nervous system’s communication and signaling, much like the tuning of a guitar to produce the correct sound… Except in this case we’re fine tuning the joints to produce an improved quality of life. 

we can help with

The Chiropractic Exam Process at Matias Health Chiropractic includes a very thorough physical exam along with:


Neck Pain

Ear Infections


Stomach Disorders

Bulging Discs





Trouble Sleeping

Shoulder Pain

And many more!



Matias Health Chiropractic

Patient Testimonials

A. Cato

Dr. Matias is amazing! She has me feeling like a brand new person after my neck and back adjustments. Office is always clean and professional. Staff is friendly and professional as well. Would definitely recommend Dr. Matias services.

A. McKenkey

Dr. Soammy and her staff are very pleasant. She explains all she is doing and guides you through your care. Highly recommend

T. Thomas

Dr. Matias is an amazing doctor. At every visit I felt relief after my treatment. Thank you for making me feel so much better.

Y. Sanchez

Dr. Matias is a wonderful Dr. she always takes the time to make you feel heard and never rushed. I have been getting adjusted by her for over 4 years along with my children! She does it all! Pediatric, prenatal , injury, wellness etc.. Highly recommend.

G. Sanchez

If you’re looking for a chiropractic this is your place to go ! I Love love this place . I highly recommend Dr. Matias she is the best she is so professional and so respectful & she also got them magic hands every time I go to her I feel so much better ! Overall A+ . Also the atmosphere of this place is so great .

L. Hencock

I highly recommend Dr. Matias for anyone seeking professional chiropractic care. She’s an expert in patient care, treatment, and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

H. Montano

Thanks doctora. Gracias por atenderme y que bueno que estás más cerca de nosotros!!

R. Mancebo

Dr Matias is amazing! Very caring and personable. I felt better immediately after leaving her office! She really listens to you and cares about healing you. I highly recommend this office to my family and friends.