Matias Health Chiropractic

What to expect on your first visit?


The Chiropractic Exam Process at Matias Health Chiropractic includes a very thorough physical exam along with:

Joint and Range of Motion Testing

Orthopedic Evaluation

Pain and Palpitation Testing

Posture and Movement Assessment

Neurological Diagnostic Evaluation 


Once your exam is finished, the Chiropractor will provide you with an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of your car accident injuries. 


After you have been properly diagnosed, the Chiropractor will provide you with a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your particular recovery needs.

Report of Findings

Dr. Matias will present to you a detailed report of our findings and the examination results. Our staff will further discuss your corrective care plan, enroll you into your at-home program, and create a schedule of visits for your future appointments.

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Optimize peoples lives by utilizing a multi-perspective approach which includes Chiropractic, Movement, Nutrition, Mindset and Community.